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Take a look at the LineageOS Wiki for some great developer-focused articles.

Visit the AlaskaLinuxUser on YouTube - there are video guides to building for your device, learning about compiling, and lots of other helpful tutorials.

Build scripts

Tools that will help your development progress.


Common tools and zips that are needed for the SODP ecosystem

Flashing latest stock firmware

Stock firmware dumps: Sony dumps

Open Devices Corner

The Open Devices Corner is a community documentation page about Sony devices and Android building and internals, maintained by a volunteer team.

It contains a whole lot of nice Guides with more in-depth articles but also some references like a technical overview of all supported devices, and a Developer Diary section where smaller and day-to-day findings are noted down.

Sample selection

Mainlining with SoMainline

Thanks to the SoMainline team, on most recent Sony devices, you can run a functioning Mainline Kernel with an Android or Linux-based Operating system such as Void Linux or postmarketOS. There was even a nice Phoronix article about the success of the effort. The SoMainline team have also presented at the OpenAlt conference about their work.

Mainlining resources

SailfishOS guides

In case you are interested in SailfishOS, take a look at the project documentation of Sailfish OS port to Sony Xperia Tama devices.

Official Jolla guides

Ubuntu Touch and Halium

Ubuntu Touch guides

Official documentation available at

Halium guides

Official documentation available at

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